Sentence Examples

  • Children with AD/HD have difficulties with inattention that can be manifest as a lack of concentration, an easily distracted focus, and an inability to know when and how long to focus.
  • Accident Causes: If an accident that results in an injury was clearly caused by the rider's actions or inattention, reputable attorneys may advise individuals not to pursue a lawsuit.
  • Fifty to seventy-five percent of children diagnosed with CD also have ADHD, a disorder characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity.
  • This higher rate is usually caused by an increased intake of junk food and sugary foods such as soft drinks, as well as inattention to oral hygiene procedures.
  • The characteristics of inattention vary with each AD/HD child; however, all most often translate into poor grades and difficulties in school and other social arenas.