Sentence Examples

  • More often than not, people tattoo the name of their significant other only to be left with a permanent reminder of their hastiness if and when the relationship wanes.
  • Altogether this work is rich in suggestion to the philosophic historian and the anthropologist, though marked by much vagueness of conception and hastiness of generalization.
  • Kosciuszko himself condemned their hastiness; but, when the Russian troops began to concentrate, his feelings grew too strong for him, and early in April he himself appeared at Cracow.
  • His work is marred by the hastiness of his visits and consequent.
  • The whole enterprise fell through, owing partly to the death of Koniecpolski before it was matured, partly to the hastiness with which the king published his intentions, and partly to the careful avoidance by the Porte of the slightest occasion of a rupture.