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Another word for weather

  1. To exist in spite of adversity

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Another word for weather

  1. To expose to the weather

      1. To paralyze or make numb, as with fear; stupefy; stun
      2. To replace the normal cells of (organic matter) with silica or other mineral deposits; re-form as a stony substance
      3. To cause to lose vitality or become impervious to change; deaden:
      1. To become solid, rigid, callous, etc.
      2. To take on a disapproving or severe appearance:
      3. To accustom to varying or adverse conditions or climate
      1. To deprive of shelter or protection; lay open to danger or harm:
      2. To lay open (to danger, attack, ridicule, etc.); leave unprotected
      3. To subject (a photographic film, for example) to the action of light.
      1. To coat with a patina.
      2. To produce a patina on
      3. To acquire or become covered with a patina.
      1. To be very hot; bake:
      2. To harden or impart a finish to by subjecting to intense heat; fire:
      3. To undergo combustion or be consumed as fuel:
      1. To change (hide) into leather by soaking in tannin
      2. To become darker from exposure to the sun.
      3. To produce a tan color in, as by exposure to the sun
      1. To be crushed, ground, etc. into powder or dust
      2. To break down completely; demolish
      3. To crush, grind, etc. into a powder or dust
      1. To make or become white or whiter, especially by bleaching.
      1. To bleach (endive, celery, etc.) by earthing up or covering so as to keep away light and improve the appearance, flavor, or tenderness
      2. To scald (almonds, for example) in order to loosen the skin.
      3. To remove the skins of (almonds) by blanching
      1. To change in color as by fading, streaking, or staining
      1. To act as or use a bleach.
      2. To become white as a result of the loss of algal symbionts, usually following an environmental stress such as increased water temperature. Used of coral.
      3. To remove some or all color from, as by means of chemicals or by exposure to the sun's rays
      1. To preserve (meat or other foods, for example) by extracting the moisture.
      2. (Intransitive, figuratively) To cease or cause to cease.
      3. To become dry:
  2. To pass through adversity successfully