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Another word for warmth

  1. The quality of being pleasant and friendly

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  2. Intensity of feeling or reaction

      1. A degree of warmth or hotness:
      2. The most intense or active stage:
      3. (Slang) Adverse comments or hostile criticism:
      1. The act or an instance of exciting.
      2. The condition of being excited.
      3. An exciting or being excited; agitation
      1. An exciting or being excited
      2. The act or process of exciting or an instance of it.
      3. (Physiology) The activity produced in an organ, tissue, or part, such as a nerve cell, as a result of stimulation.

Another word for warmth

  1. Fervor

      1. Intuitive awareness or aptitude; a feel:
      2. The sense of touch:
      3. Appreciative regard or understanding:
      1. An artistic work, as an oratorio or a play, based on these narratives
      2. Extreme, compelling emotion; intense emotional drive or excitement
      3. Strong love or affection
      1. A body temperature that is higher than normal, caused by an infection, ovulation, vigorous exercise, etc.; pyrexia
      2. A contagious, usually short-lived enthusiasm or craze:
      3. A condition of heightened activity or excitement:
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  2. Affection

  3. Heat

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