Sentence Examples

  • Through all the first troubles of her reign the young queen steered her skilful and dauntless way with the tact of a woman and the courage of a man.
  • South of Khartum, in September 1883, under Hicks Pasha, a dauntless retired Indian Army officer, to vanquish the Mahdi.
  • B ut more important and less speculative is the hero's aspect as a national type or an amalgamation of tribal types of physical force, of dauntless effort and endurance, of militant civilization, and of Hellenic enterprise, " stronger than everything except his own passions," and " at once above and below the noblest type of man " (Jebb).
  • More than one unsuccessful attempt was made to relieve Sir Harry; but his dauntless spirit was equal to the occasion.
  • The queen of Scots, with dauntless dignity, refused to yield the castles of Edinburgh and Dumbarton into English keeping, or to deliver up her fugitive English partisans then in Scotland; upon other points they came to terms, and the articles were signed the 16th of October.