Sentence Examples

  • Through all the first troubles of her reign the young queen steered her skilful and dauntless way with the tact of a woman and the courage of a man.
  • South of Khartum, in September 1883, under Hicks Pasha, a dauntless retired Indian Army officer, to vanquish the Mahdi.
  • More than one unsuccessful attempt was made to relieve Sir Harry; but his dauntless spirit was equal to the occasion.
  • It was his dauntless courage in denouncing compromise, in demanding the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Act, and in insisting upon emancipation, that made him the chief initiating force in the struggle that put an end to slavery.
  • B ut more important and less speculative is the hero's aspect as a national type or an amalgamation of tribal types of physical force, of dauntless effort and endurance, of militant civilization, and of Hellenic enterprise, " stronger than everything except his own passions," and " at once above and below the noblest type of man " (Jebb).