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Another word for warrior

  1. One who engages in a combat or struggle

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Another word for warrior

      1. One who wages battle against an enemy; a soldier; a general.
      2. (Australia, dated) An itinerant worker or unemployed person.
      3. One who who works hard in the face of adversity.
      1. One compulsorily enrolled for service, especially in the armed forces; a draftee.
      2. Enrolled compulsorily; drafted.
      3. To enroll compulsorily into service; draft.
      1. One, such as a person or a combat vehicle, that takes part in armed strife.
      2. Engaging in armed strife.
      1. In mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the gods.
      2. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life:
      3. A person noted for special achievement in a particular field:
      1. One who fights, such as a soldier or boxer.
      2. A fast, maneuverable combat aircraft used to engage enemy aircraft.
      3. A pugnacious, unyielding, or determined person.
      1. A medieval tenant giving military service as a mounted man-at-arms to a feudal landholder.
      2. A medieval gentleman-soldier, usually high-born, raised by a sovereign to privileged military status after training as a page and squire.
      3. A man holding a nonhereditary title conferred by a sovereign in recognition of personal merit or service to the country.
      1. One who serves in an army.
      2. An enlisted person or a noncommissioned officer.
      3. An active, loyal, or militant follower of an organization.