Sentence Examples

  • The battle that started to ensue made the violent movie Gladiator look like a picnic.
  • When I was leaving, he started quoting to me the most sadistic dialog from Gladiator with obvious relish.
  • Celebrity hair styles, from Jennifer Aniston's sexy layered cut, to Angelina Jolie's long loose waves, to George Clooney's Caesar cut in Gladiator, are actively sought after and coveted.
  • Indulgent materials like snake skin are suddenly slithering onto everything from snazzy platforms to cute flats, rhinestones are all over the most glamorous gladiator sandals and even flip flops have taken a decidedly dressy turn.
  • There, surrounded by synchophants, toadies (literally) and fellow smugglers, Jabba spends his time in Fall of the Roman Empire splendor, playing gladiator games with his captives.