Sentence Examples

  • Ike: A masterful swordsman from Fire Emblem, Ike knows what he's doing when he's slashing you down with his blade.
  • A charming giant prone to rhyming, a master swordsman with a lust for vengeance and, of course, the dashing hero in a mask all help make the characters in the Princess Bride unforgettable.
  • Dave Duncan's The Seventh Swordsman trilogy, comprised of The Reluctant Swordsman, The Coming of Wisdom, and The Destiny of the Sword, form a geekboy's dream come true.
  • The Sith seemed to be more adept at martial arts than the Jedi, though Qui-Gon is a master swordsman.
  • The swordsman lifted a sword off the ground and raised it, charging her.