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Another word for misgiving

  1. A feeling of uncertainty about the fitness or correctness of an action

      1. An uneasy feeling arising from conscience or principle that tends to hinder action:
      2. A unit of apothecary weight equal to about 1.3 grams, or 20 grains.
      3. A minute part or amount.
      1. The act of reserving; a keeping back or withholding:
      2. A limiting qualification, condition, or exception:
      3. A doubt or misgiving:
      1. An uneasy feeling about the propriety or rightness of a course of action:
      2. A sudden disturbing feeling:
      3. A sudden feeling of sickness, faintness, or nausea.
      1. A strong uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt:
      2. A sting of conscience or a pang of doubt aroused by wrongdoing or the prospect of wrongdoing:
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Another word for misgiving