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Another word for revere

  1. To regard with great awe and devotion

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Another word for revere

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Synonym Study

  • Adore , in strict usage, implies a personal or individual worshiping of a deity, but in broad usage, suggests a great love for someone and, colloquially, a great liking for something I adore your hat
  • Worship , in strict usage, implies the use of ritual or verbal formula in paying homage to a divine being, but broadly suggests intense, often uncritical love or admiration he worshiped his wife
  • Venerate implies revering because of great age, dignity, or character and may suggest regarding as sacred or holy he was venerated as a saint
  • revere nce" style="font-weight: 600; color: inherit; text-decoration-color: #3A65B5" > Reverence , more or less equivalent to revere, is usually applied to a thing or abstract idea rather than to a person they reverence the memory of their parents
  • Revere implies regarding with great respect, affection, honor, or deference a poet revered by all