Sentence Examples

  • Here in Kyrgyzstan, with the mysterious and primeval landscapes, you feel like the first and the sole man on the planet, as if you were transferred through the time, and appeared at the starting point of the Earth history.
  • What Kyrgyzstan lacks in gracious buildings and fancy cakes it makes up for with nomadic traditions such as laid-back hospitality, a healthy distrust of authority and a fondness for drinking fermented mare's milk.
  • You see all four seasons in Kyrgyzstan: hot summers (average 89 degrees Fahrenheit) with severely cold winters (average 13 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Kyrgyzstan, the size of Nebraska and with only five million people, is a "heaven for organics" as its nature is untouched and virginal.
  • Australians brought a couple hundred merino sheep a long time ago to Kyrgyzstan to see how the sheep would adapt in our country.