Sentence Examples

  • These changes characterize the Merovingian age of Frankish history.
  • It is most difficult to characterize the muskinu exactly.
  • It is convenient first to consider the effect of introducing one, two, or three hydroxyl (OH) groups into the - CH 3, > CH 2, and >CH groups, which we have seen to characterize the different types of hydrocarbons.
  • The principles which govern the preparation and setting of the other class of calcium sulphate cements, that is, cements of the Keene class, are not fully understood, but there is a fair amount of knowledge on the subject, both empirical and scientific. The essential difference between the setting of Keene's cement and that of plaster of Paris is that the former takes place much more slowly, occupying hours instead of minutes, and the considerable heating and expansion which characterize the setting of plaster of Paris are much less marked.
  • TAWDRY, an adjective used to characterize cheap finery, and especially things which imitate in a cheap way that which is rich or costly, or adornments of which the freshness and elegance have worn off.