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Another word for signalize

  1. To make noticeable or different

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  2. To cause to be eminent or recognized

      1. To bow to (another dancer) in square dancing:
      2. To do or give something in honor of
      3. To hold in respect; esteem:
      1. To fill with joy, pride, etc.; elate
      2. To raise in status, dignity, power, honor, wealth, etc.
      3. To glorify, praise, or honor.
      1. To confer nobility upon:
      2. To give a noble quality to; dignify
      3. To ennoble textile fabrics, the industrial processes of dry-cleaning, printing and embossing, and sizing and finishing, which together are known as 'ennobling fabrics'.
      1. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level:
      2. To raise (a person) in rank or position; promote
      3. To move (something) to a higher place or position from a lower one; lift.
      1. To demonstrate or describe as being different or distinct:
      2. To separate or mark off by differences; perceive or show the difference in; differentiate
      3. To perceive distinctly; discern:
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  3. To make bodily motions so as to convey an idea or complement speech

      1. To make known or communicate (information) by signals
      2. To cause an effect in (a cell) by the release of a chemical, such as a neurotransmitter or hormone.
      1. To engage by written contract; sign on
      2. (Now Rare) To indicate or express by a sign; signal
      3. To mark with a sign, esp. with the sign of the cross, as in blessing
      1. To indicate by making a gesture; signal:
      2. To direct by making a gesture:
      3. To signal by making a gesture:
      1. To express with a gesture or gestures
      2. To make or use a gesture or gestures
      3. To show, express, or direct by gestures:
      1. To express by gesticulating
      2. To say or express by gestures.
      3. To make or use gestures, esp. with the hands and arms, as in adding nuances or force to one's speech, or as a substitute for speech
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Another word for signalize

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