Sentence Examples

  • Of the artistic periodicals we may signalize the Art Journal (1849), Portfolio (1870), Magazine of Art (1878-1904), Studio (1893), Connoisseur (1901), and Burlington (1903).
  • Maine de Biran's first essays in philosophy were written avowedly from the point of view of Locke and Condillac, but even in them he was brought to signalize the essential fact on which his later speculation turns.
  • Near the end of the 9th century, however, the plundering expeditions which emanated from these three sources became so incessant and so widespread that we can signalize no part of west France as free from them, at the same time that the vikings wrought immense mischief in the Rhine country and in Burgundy.
  • This is implied in the phrase by which it has sought to signalize its break with Spinozism: " from substance to subject."