Sentence Examples

  • Since 1994, her filmography has been peppered with many different character roles and Sandra has shown that she will not be typecast; her talent is as diverse and original as the actress herself.
  • Who can forget Lt. Reginald Barclay's Walter-Mitty-esque role-playing on the holodeck, or Troi's outrage when she found herself typecast in his fantasy life as the Goddess of Empathy?
  • He also believes that, since his persona on Survivor was that of a villain, he has been typecast as manipulative and evil and that this perception has affected his current situation.
  • Some Star Trek cast members earned their notoriety on Star Trek, and in some cases actors have made the decision to leave the show to avoid being typecast.
  • Live theater productions and tours gave Valentine a much wider range of roles to play, and she found herself relishing the freedom from being typecast.