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Another word for dole

  1. Assistance, especially money, food, and other necessities, given to the needy or dispossessed

      1. (Eng. History) A payment in money made by a vassal to his lord
      2. Something that provides help, support, or relief, such as money or supplies:
      3. The act or result of helping; assistance:
      1. A pamphlet, leaflet, etc. handed out as for publicity or information
      2. A sheet or sheets of paper containing topical information, distributed to people attending a speech, lecture, or meeting.
      3. A worksheet, leaflet, or pamphlet that is given out (usually by hand) for a certain use.
      1. Aid, such as money or food, given to homeless and other financially needy people, the aged, or the inhabitants of a disaster-stricken area; relief.
      2. Financial aid given by the government to persons who are poor, unemployed, etc.
      1. Any aid given in times of need, danger, or disaster, as supplies sent into a flooded area
      2. Rescue from a siege:
      3. Aid in the form of goods or money given, as by a government agency, to persons unable to support themselves
      1. Financial or other aid provided, especially by the government, to people in need.
      2. The organized efforts of government agencies that grant aid to the poor, the unemployed, etc.
      3. Such aid
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  2. That which is allotted

      1. An allocating or being allocated
      2. A thing or amount allocated
      1. (Mil.) A portion of one's pay regularly deducted, as for one's dependents, insurance premiums, etc.
      2. (Brit.) A small plot of public land rented to an individual for growing vegetables or flowers
      3. A thing allotted; portion; share
      1. A reduction in the price of something in consideration of a large order or of turning in a used article, etc.
      2. A price reduction, especially one granted in exchange for used merchandise:
      3. A small amount of money regularly given to a child, often as payment for household chores.
      1. (Informal) A large extent, amount, or number:
      2. A number of persons or things regarded as a group
      3. A piece of land having specific boundaries, especially one constituting a part of a city, town, or block.
      1. A limited amount or degree:
      2. The act or process of determining extent, dimensions, etc.; measurement
      3. A standard for determining extent, dimensions, etc.; unit of measurement, as an inch, yard, or bushel
      1. An essential element or constituent; integral portion which can be separated, replaced, etc.
      2. Any of several equal portions or fractions that can constitute a whole or into which a whole can be divided:
      3. (--- Math.) An aliquot part
      1. A person's lot or fate.
      2. A woman's dowry:
      3. The part of experience supposedly allotted to a person by fate; one's lot; destiny
      1. This amount of energy regarded as a unit.
      2. (Physics) The smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation.
      3. A specified portion.
      1. A proportional share, as of goods, assigned to a group or to each member of a group; an allotment.
      2. A number or percentage, especially of people, constituting or designated as an upper limit:
      3. A share or proportion which each of a number is called upon to contribute, or which is assigned to each; proportional share
      1. A fixed portion, especially an amount of food allotted to persons in military service or to civilians in times of scarcity.
      2. A portion designated to a person or group.
      3. A fixed portion; share; allowance
      1. One of the equal parts into which the capital stock of a company is divided:
      2. A just, due, reasonable, or full part or quota
      3. A part or portion that belongs or is allotted to an individual, or the part contributed by an individual
      1. A thing that is formed by splitting, such as a strip of flexible wood used for making baskets.
      2. (Informal) A share, as of loot or booty
      3. A drink or portion half the usual size
      1. A single selection of music from a recording, especially a phonograph recording.
      2. (Informal) A portion of profits or earnings; a share.
      3. A piece or part cut off or out
      1. (Slang) A division
      2. A foolish person.
      3. A share or portion.
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    dole out

  1. To give out in portions or shares

Another word for dole

      1. Kindness or leniency in judging others
      2. (Christianity) The theological virtue defined as love directed first toward God but also toward oneself and one's neighbors as objects of God's love.
      3. Provision of help or relief to the poor; almsgiving.
      1. A work of art so made
      2. Something that alleviates pain, distress, or anxiety:
      3. Aid in the form of goods or money given, as by a government agency, to persons unable to support themselves
      1. Something allotted:
      2. The act of allotting:
      3. (Brit.) A small plot of public land rented to an individual for growing vegetables or flowers