Engaged Synonyms and Antonyms

Promised in marriage
  1. available
  2. free
  3. unbetrothed
  4. uninvolved
In a profession, business, or the like
  1. employed
  2. occupied
  3. practicing
  4. busy
  5. performing
  6. working at
  7. dealing in
  8. affianced
  9. doing
  10. interested
  11. absorbed in
  12. betrothed
  13. booked
  14. pursuing
  15. at work
  16. involved in
  17. engaged with
  18. connected with
  19. engrossed
  20. set-aside
  1. unemployed
  2. disengaged
  3. out of a job
  4. inoperable
  5. without connection
  6. not working
Not at liberty
Interconnect; bring into operation
  1. meshed
Give to in marriage
To cause to be busy or in use
To make busy
Carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in
Consume all of one's attention or time
  1. disengaged
To cause to be set aside, as for one's use, in advance
(used of toothed parts or gears) interlocked and interacting
To arrange for the use of; reserve:
  1. booked

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