Sentence Examples

  • The character of Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan seems to have taken page from Moore's history.  Like Moore, Morgan was an assertive young athlete, who was raised by a single mom and rode an athletic scholarship to college.
  • In addition, counseling can help you find better ways of resolving problems by communicating more directly and constructively and by being assertive rather than aggressive.
  • Your cover letter is your first opportunity to present yourself to a prospective employer, so do your best to be assertive and thoughtful, without coming off as overly confident.
  • In the natural world, fire eats up earth quite quickly, and in the zodiac, signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn find their inherent stability threatened by the passionate and assertive lifestyles of a fire sign.
  • Prepare them with the knowledge they need to remain safe, such as where to locate birth control, how to put on a condom, and how to be an assertive individual who knows how to say "no."