Sentence Examples

  • Smellie, Men of the Covenant, ch.
  • A covenant " runs with the land " if it relates either to a thing in esse, which is part and parcel of the demise, e.g.
  • The story of the " exodus " is that of the religious birth of " Israel," joined by covenant with the national god Yahweh' whose aid in times of peril and need ' On the name see Jehovah, Tetragrammaton.
  • ALEXANDER PEDEN (c. 1626-1686), Scottish divine, one of the leading forces in the Covenant movement, was born at Auchincloich, Ayrshire, about 1626, and was educated at Glasgow University.
  • - A covenant is said to " run with the land " when the rights and duties which it creates are not merely personal to the immediate parties (in which case a covenant is said to be " collateral "), but pass also to their assignees.