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Another word for deed

  1. Something done

      1. Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something:
      2. Such effort or activity by which one makes a living; employment:
      3. A trade, profession, or other means of livelihood:
      1. An object or entity that is not or cannot be named specifically:
      2. An individual object, especially an inanimate object:
      3. A creature:
      1. Performance of an act:
      2. Activities that go on every day:
      3. Social events and activities.
      1. The state or process of acting or doing:
      2. Something that is done or accomplished; a deed.
      3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective:
      1. The process of doing or performing something:
      2. Something done or performed; a deed:
      3. Something done that has legal significance:
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  1. To change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document

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Another word for deed

  1. An action

      1. An act or accomplishment of great courage, skill, or imagination; an achievement.
      2. A specialized skill; a knack.
      1. The act of accomplishing or the state of being accomplished; completion:
      2. Something carried out or completed successfully; an achievement:
      3. An acquired skill or refinement:
      1. The act of granting certain powers or the authority to carry out a particular task or duty.
      2. The authority so granted.
      3. The matter or task so authorized:
      1. The process of doing or performing something:
      2. Something done or performed; a deed:
      3. Something done that has legal significance:
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  2. Legal title to real property

      1. A contract granting use or occupation of property during a specified period in exchange for a specified rent or other form of payment.
      2. The term or duration of such a contract.
      3. To grant use or occupation of under the terms of a contract.
      1. A representation, especially in writing, made by a seller or company to a purchaser of a product or service that a refund, repair, or replacement will be made if the product or service proves defective or unsatisfactory, especially within a given time period.
      2. An assurance by the seller of property that the goods or property are as represented or will be as promised.
      3. The insured's guarantee that the facts are as stated in reference to an insurance risk or that specified conditions will be fulfilled to keep the contract effective.
      1. A contract binding one party into the service of another for a specified term.
      2. A deed executed by more than one party.
      3. An instrument or agreement specifying the terms of a bond or trust.
      1. A piece of substantiating evidence; a proof.
      2. A written record of expenditure, disbursement, or completed transaction.
      3. A written authorization or certificate, especially one exchangeable for cash or representing a credit against future expenditures.
      1. A document establishing the authenticity of certain details of an item, event, or transaction:
      2. A document issued to a person completing a course of study not leading to a diploma.
      3. A document certifying that a person may officially practice in certain professions.
      1. To set down for preservation in writing or other permanent form:
      2. To register or indicate:
      3. To render (sound or images) into permanent form for reproduction, as by mechanical or digital means.
      1. a document that establishes title to property
      1. An identifying name given to a book, play, film, musical composition, or other work.
      2. A general or descriptive heading, as of a book chapter.
      3. A written work that is published or about to be published:
      1. A document issued by a sovereign, legislature, or other authority, creating a public or private corporation, such as a city, college, or bank, and defining its privileges and purposes.
      2. A written grant from the sovereign power of a country conferring certain rights and privileges on a person, a corporation, or the people:
      3. A document outlining the principles, functions, and organization of a corporate body; a constitution:
      1. A tool or implement used to do or facilitate work, especially a small precision tool used by a professional:
      2. A device for recording, measuring, or controlling, especially such a device functioning as part of a control system.
      3. A device for playing or producing music:
      1. The act of agreeing:
      2. Harmony of opinion; accord:
      3. An arrangement between parties, usually resulting from a discussion, regarding a course of action.
      1. To set free from confinement or bondage:
      2. To set free from physical restraint or binding; let go:
      3. To cause or allow to move away or spread from a source or place of confinement:
      1. A written or printed paper that bears the original, official, or legal form of something and can be used to furnish decisive evidence or information.
      2. Something, such as a recording or a photograph, that can be used to furnish evidence or information.
      3. A writing that contains information.