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Another word for avowal

  1. The act of admitting to something

      1. A statement of religious beliefs, esp. as held by a Christian church, usually longer than a creed
      2. An admission of guilt, esp. formally in writing, as by a person charged with a crime
      3. An avowal of belief in the doctrines of a particular faith; a creed.
      1. (--- Law) A statement against one's personal interests that can be used as evidence in a law case.
      2. The right to enter or be accepted:
      3. A voluntary acknowledgment of a fact or truth; a concession:
      1. Recognition of the authority or claims of
      2. (Law) The formal avowal of an act before a legally empowered officer, such as a judge or notary public, to ensure that the act will be legally recognized.
      3. An acknowledging or being acknowledged; admission; avowal