Sentence Examples

  • The fruit, which has an agreeably acid flavour, is frequently eaten in the West Indies.
  • The climate is hot, although agreeably tempered by the S.E.
  • The Ozark uplift tempers very agreeably the summers in the south, but does not affect the climate of the state as a whole.
  • Agreeably surprised by this attitude on the part of France, Visconti-Venosta lost no time in conveying officially the thanks of Italy to the French government.
  • The result was the issue in 1566 by the archbishop of the statutory Advertisements, which fixed the vestments of the clergy as follows: (1) In the ministration of the Holy Communion in cathedral and collegiate churches, the principal minister to wear a cope, with gospeller and epistoler agreeably; 6 at all other prayers to be said at the Communion table, to use no copes but surplices; (2) the dean and prebendaries to wear surplice and hood; (3) every minister saying public prayers, or ministering the sacraments, to wear "a comely surplice with sleeves."