Sentence Examples

  • Not satisfactorily determined.
  • So persistently does the human ear rebel against the division of the tetrachord into two greater tones and a leimma or hemitone, as represented by the fractions 9, 9, 26, that, centuries before the possibility of reconciling the demands of the ear with those of exact science was satisfactorily demonstrated, the Aristoxenian school advocated the use of an empirical scale, sounding pleasant to the sense, in preference to an unpleasing tonality founded upon immutable proportions.
  • For the first few days the operation proceeded satisfactorily, though slowly, but on the afternoon of the 11th, when 380 m.
  • 11) has hardly been satisfactorily explained; perhaps the text has suffered.
  • Are often too rapid to be satisfactorily dealt with by an ordinary [[Table I]].