Sentence Examples

  • To achieve a subtle eye look, without looking barefaced, reach for the lighter shades.
  • You'll want to use foundation if your skin isn't naturally flawless (and let's face it - very few of us can brag that we are), but during the warmer months a tinted moisturizer with SPF creates the perfect canvas for your barefaced beauty.
  • These, of course, are barefaced forgeries, although of very ancient date; so are those which profess to be from the hand of *Ali, one of which is preserved in the same library.
  • With this mention Prester John ceases to have any pretension to historical existence in Asia (for we need not turn aside to Mandeville's fabulous revival of old stories or to the barefaced fictions of his contemporary, John of Hese, which bring in the old tales of the miraculous body of St Thomas), and his connexion with that quarter of the world gradually died out of the memory of Europe.(fn 3) When next we begin to hear his name it is as an African, not as an Asiatic prince; and the personage so styled is in fact the Christian king of Abyssinia.
  • Hence perhaps the barefaced imposture: "Cyriacus, papa Romanus, qui cum gaudio suscepit sanctas virgines et cum eis Coloniam reversus martyrium suscepit."