Sentence Examples

  • They behaved in the most high-handed, brutal and truculent manner.
  • The most savage and truculent of the tribes are those who live in the forest regions; the most advanced in culture, the dwellers in the plains.
  • But, if his truculent character was thus early displayed, his abilities were no less conspicuous; and, though still in his teens, he became lecturer on the Humanities at Tournai, whence, after but a short stay, he returned to Paris, to take his degree of doctor of canon law, and become regent of the college of Navarre.
  • Since 1898 the country has been opened, and from being the most lawless and truculent of people the Bariba have become singularly amenable and lawabiding.
  • They were therefore not intimidated when Rudolph, vacillating as ever, suddenly assumed a most truculent attitude.