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Another word for wolfish

  1. Showing or suggesting a disposition to be violently destructive without scruple or restraint

      1. Mean-spirited or deliberately hurtful; malicious:
      2. Extremely violent or injurious; cruel:
      3. Marked by an aggressive disposition. Used chiefly of animals.
      1. Disposed or eager to fight or engage in hostile opposition; belligerent.
      2. Showing or expressing bitter opposition or hostility; aggressively defiant:
      3. Disposed to violence; ferocious or cruel.
      1. Not domesticated or cultivated; wild:
      2. Not civilized; barbaric:
      3. Vicious or merciless; brutal:
      1. Lacking kindness, pity, or compassion; cruel or indifferent:
      2. Not suited for human needs:
      3. Not of ordinary human nature, form, or character:
      1. Hostile and violent, especially by nature or temperament; ferocious:
      2. Characterized by or showing hostility:
      3. Extremely powerful or destructive:
      1. Extremely aggressive or violent:
      2. Characterized by or showing extreme aggressiveness or violence:
      3. Extremely powerful or destructive:
      1. Existing in a wild or untamed state.
      2. Having returned to an untamed state from domestication.
      3. Of or suggestive of a wild animal; savage:
      1. To cause to fall by striking; cut or knock down:
      2. To kill:
      3. To sew or finish (a seam) with the raw edges flattened, turned under, and stitched down.
      1. Disposed to inflict pain or suffering:
      2. Causing or characterized by severe pain, suffering, or distress:
      1. Of or resembling a beast:
      2. Marked by brutality or depravity; brutal or depraved:
      1. Primitive or undeveloped in culture and customs; uncivilized.
      2. Lacking refinement or culture; coarse:
      3. Characterized by savagery; very cruel:
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