Sentence Examples

  • From these sources come almost all the more inhuman, bestial and discreditable myths of the gods.
  • There occur almost as many trenchant sayings on life and human affairs as on art and natural law; and of war he has disposed in two words as a "bestial frenzy" (pazzia bestialissima).
  • Men ask themselves why their gods are worshipped in the form of beasts, birds, and fishes; why their gods are said to have prosecuted their amours in bestial shapes; why they are represented as lustful and passionate - thieves, robbers, murderers and adulterers.
  • Of so dissolute a life that, although married, he had children by several mistresses at the same time, he gave vent to all his passions with a ferocity that was bestial rather than human.
  • Among the lowest races the culture-hero commonly wears a bestial guise, is a spider (Melanesia), an eagle hawk (in some myths and south-east Australia), a coyote (north-west America), a dog or raven (Thlinkeet), a mantis insect (Bushman), and so forth, yet is endowed with human or even super-human qualities, and often shades off into a permanent and practically deathless god.