Sentence Examples

  • Many guys have, no matter how suave and mature they are on the outside, a little boy inside who still loves discovering new presents and little gadgets and such.
  • An allover cowboy pattern might tend toward the garish, but silhouetted boots, spurs, or hats on a pure white cake can look very suave.
  • Detectives of this type were tough guys, physically strong with street smarts, sophistication and a suave nature.
  • The Convex scratch-resistant sapphire crystal Case cut from a solid steel block magnificently designed, Unidirectional turning bezel with fluted rim, in fine-brushed or polished steel with engraved dive-time scale gives a suave look.
  • She's engaged again to a suave, handsome, successful New Yorker, but can't marry him until she goes back home and divorces her first husband in Alabama since he's refused to sign the papers for five years.