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Another word for suave

  1. Effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner

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Another word for suave


Synonym Study

  • Bland is the least complex of these terms, simply implying a gentle or ingratiating pleasantness and a lack of irritating factors a bland disposition
  • Politic also expresses this idea, often stressing the expediency or opportunism of a particular policy pursued a politic move
  • Diplomatic implies adroitness and tactfulness in dealing with people and handling delicate situations, sometimes in such a way as to gain one's own ends a diplomatic answer that avoided offending either party
  • Urbane suggests the social poise of one who is highly cultivated and has had much worldly experience an urbane cosmopolite
  • Suave suggests the smoothly gracious social manner of one who deals with people easily and tactfully a suave sophisticate