Sentence Examples

  • The inference was insulting.
  • "I'm not sure if you're insulting me or complimenting me," she said with a puzzled smile.
  • This deputation led to the recall of Narses in 567, accompanied, according to a somewhat late tradition, by an insulting message from the empress Sophia, who sent him a golden distaff, and bade him, as he was not a man, go and spin wool in the apartments of the women.
  • The insulting dismissal of a large body of Athenian troops which had come, under Cimon, to aid the Spartans in the siege of the Messenian stronghold of Ithome, the consummation of the Attic democracy under Ephi altes and Pericles, the conclusion of an alliance between Athens Training A pothetae (ai 'A-r-o%-raa, from lurOBEros, hidden) .
  •   Kris and Kiki both looked towards the sky when the thunder began.  They'd both given their jackets to Hannah, whose step was growing slower the farther they went into the jungle.  Kiki muttered but didn't openly bitch, probably knowing Kris had no patience for anyone insulting his mate.