Sentence Examples

  • If children behave aggressively with peers, act bossy and domineering, or are disruptive and impulsive at school, they are more likely to have long-lasting peer difficulties than are children who are simply shy.
  • Her mother - a staple on all of New York's shows - caused a lot of conflict in Hollywood with her domineering personality and her demands to manage every aspect of New York's career.
  • Gabriel obeyed, and Katie flung a shoe at the domineering man with the jewel-toned eyes.
  • He opposed with some success the domineering policy of the Venetian government in Italian affairs.
  • But no sooner had he taken over the command than his haughty and domineering temper estranged him both from his second-in-command, Lord Granby, and the commander-in-chief, Prince Ferdinand.