Authoritarian Synonyms and Antonyms

ə-thôrĭ-târē-ən, ə-thŏr-, ô-
Characterized by or favoring absolute obedience to authority
  1. dictatorial
  2. autocratic
  3. despotic
  4. tyrannical
  5. tyrannic
  6. totalitarian
  7. little-minded
  8. mean-minded
  9. narrow-hearted
  10. overbearing
  11. narrow-souled
  12. narrow-spirited
  13. unliberal
Without limit in authority
  1. strict
One who imposes or favors absolute obedience to authority
Tending to tell other people what to do in a peremptory or arrogant manner.
  1. dictatorial

Words Related to Authoritarian

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