Sentence Examples

  • Janeway often finds unorthodox solutions to problems; this is no Starfleet martinet.
  • In all of the video games where Mario speaks, voice actor Charles Martinet is the man behind the moustache.The theme to Super Mario Bros. is one of the most recognizable songs in the world.
  • Frederick, though his love of teasing for teasing's sake has been exaggerated by Macaulay, was a martinet of the first water, had a sharp though one-sided idea of justice, and had not the slightest intention of allowing Voltaire to insult or to tyrannize over his other guests and servants.
  • It was a time of government on martinet principles, under which all freedom of thought and all private initiative were as far as possible suppressed vigorously by the administration.
  • I don't know where he is, you interfering martinet.