Sentence Examples

  • He is a second autocrat, he concluded with a victorious smile.
  • In Russia, too, certain reforms were carried out; but they could not survive the suspicious interference of the autocrat and his officials.
  • Edward IV., as has been already remarked, had many of the opportunities of the autocrat, if only he had cared to use them; Personal but his sloth and self-indulgence stood in the way.
  • On the 8th of March a coup d'etat, engineered by a party of her personal friends, overthrew the supreme privy council and she was hailed as autocrat.
  • The majority of the nation and three-quarters of the nobility were on his side, while his uncle, the emperor Charles VI., through the imperial ambassador at St Petersburg, Rabutin, persistently urged his claims. The matter was arranged between Menshikov, Osterman and Rabutin; and on the 18th of May 1727 Peter II., according to the terms of the supposed last will of Catherine I., was proclaimed sovereign autocrat.