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Another word for lordly

  1. Exercising authority

      1. Having or showing the ability of a master; expert; skillful; masterly
      2. Acting or capable of acting as a master or leader, especially in being domineering or imperious:
      3. Having or showing the qualities of a master vis-a-vis a dependent or subordinate; authoritative; domineering.
      1. Exercising authority or influence; dominating; ruling; prevailing
      2. Tending to be stronger than its counterpart or used for the most important tasks or in the most pressing situations:
      3. Most abundant or conspicuous; predominant:
      1. Having authority; controlling or dominating
      2. Controlling or dominating by position
      3. Impressively dominant.
      1. Asserting authority; fond of giving orders; dictatorial
      2. Having or arising from authority; official:
      3. Demonstrating authority; commanding:
  2. Large and impressive in size, scope, or extent

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  3. Overly convinced of one's own superiority and importance

Another word for lordly