Sentence Examples

  • You'll want to use foundation if your skin isn't naturally flawless (and let's face it - very few of us can brag that we are), but during the warmer months a tinted moisturizer with SPF creates the perfect canvas for your barefaced beauty.
  • Peers often describe rejected classmates as disruptive, short-tempered, unattractive, and likely to brag, to start fights, and to get in trouble with the teacher.
  • When you use one, your health meter slides back like the chamber on a gun, just in case you forgot how ridiculous the game is.The AI, while not bad, isn't much to brag about.
  • It's possible, for example, that even though they're only on page four of the results - not anything to brag about - they started out on page thirteen, and the SEO process is working for them.
  • Did he brag about specific crimes when you were cellmates?