Sentence Examples

  • In the United States straw-plait work is principally centred in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Luton is the principal seat in England of the straw-plait manufacture, and large quantities of hats and other straw goods have been exported, though in recent years the industry has suffered from increased foreign competition.
  • The exports are copra, fungus and straw hats, which the women plait very cleverly.
  • Hand with inscribed scutcheons and interlaced plait or knot ornaments (intrecciamenti), the vaultings with stars on a blue ground.
  • Plicare, plectere, to plait, pleat, weave, and in the suffixes of such words as borXauws, duplex, double, simplex, &c. Similarly the termination "-fold" is added to numbers implying "so many," e.g.