Sentence Examples

  • For instance, Interweave Knitting has a free pattern which includes illustrated instructions for the Norwegian Cast On and Kitchener Stitch used to graft the toes of the socks.
  • Simple rings may be made from just one or two materials, while more complex designs may interweave different materials for a lush display.
  • KA: As I mentioned above, Brian and I are doing our own trilogy, Hellhole, but we will interweave those original novels with new Dune books -- at least two more under contract, The Throne of Dune and Leto of Dune''.
  • It then became a rhetorical exercise to recast, adapt or interweave such passages.
  • Side by side with full, vividly coloured descriptions of the Zoroastrian deities, they frequently interweave, as episodes, stories from the old heroic fables.