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Another word for typical

  1. Commonly encountered

      1. Commonly encountered, experienced, or observed:
      2. In conformity with regular practice or procedure:
      3. Such as is in common or ordinary use; such as is most often seen, heard, used, etc.; common; ordinary; customary
      1. Customary; usual; regular; normal
      2. Occurring in the usual course of events; usual and normal.
      3. Familiar; unexceptional; common; average
      1. Designating or of a solution which contains an amount of the dissolved substance chemically equivalent to one gram atom of hydrogen per liter of solution
      2. Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical:
      3. Conforming with or constituting an accepted standard, model, or pattern; esp., corresponding to the median or average of a large group in type, appearance, achievement, function, development, etc.; natural; usual; standard; regular
      1. Being usually the case; true or applicable in most instances but not all:
      2. Existing or occurring extensively; common; widespread
      3. Not limited to or dealing with one class of things; diversified:
      1. Uninteresting; unremarkable:
      2. Neither new nor interesting; obvious or ordinary
      3. Ordinary; common:
      1. Widespread; prevalent:
      2. Widely existing; general; prevalent
      3. Not distinguished by superior or noteworthy characteristics; average:
      1. Being intermediate between extremes, as on a scale:
      2. Usual or ordinary in kind or character:
      3. Intermediate in value, rate, etc.; hence, normal or ordinary
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  2. Serving to identify or set apart an individual or group

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  3. Having the nature of, constituting, or serving as a type

Another word for typical