Sentence Examples

  • This monkey is a leaf-eater, nearly allied to the langurs, as typified by the sacred ape of India.
  • The family ranges in North America from the Upper Eocene to the Lower Miocene, but Oreodon (or Merycoidodon), which is typified by an animal of the size of a sheep, is Oligocene.
  • The groups typified by these three genera are sometimes referred to, collectively, as the Retioloidea, and the structure as retioloid.
  • The first family, Phascolomyidae, is typified by the wombats; but according to the view adopted by Mr H.
  • Of the Old World forms, the family Triconodontidae is typified by the genus Triconodon, from the English Purbeck, in which the cheek-teeth carry three cutting cusps arranged longitudinally.