Sentence Examples

  • For an older clunky robot that didn't look much different than the stereotypical style of robots featured in most of the 1950s pulp fiction, this particular emotional robotic character came to life on the screen.
  • Native American actors have struggled with stereotypical roles throughout the history of film, though modern movie makers are beginning to realize that Native Americans have just as much to offer viewers as other actors.
  • They need not be elegant or particularly chic, but instead, dresses that are comically ornate and feature a tremendous amount of "poof!" fall into the almost stereotypical category of infant birthday party attire.
  • Obviously, these are somewhat stereotypical - many women want to see the Bruce Willis movie too - but the same problem is in each: the giver got what he/she wanted, not what the recipient desired.
  • The cheerleaders themselves seem to be rather stereotypical as well, and use rather silly terms to talk to each other - such as one squad member angrily referring the captain as a "cheer-tator!"