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Another word for threadbare

  1. Showing signs of wear and tear or neglect

  2. Without freshness or appeal because of overuse

Another word for threadbare

  1. Ragged

  2. Trite

      1. Appropriate for ordinary days or routine occasions:
      2. Commonplace; ordinary:
      3. The ordinary or routine day or occasion:
      1. Affected or damaged by wear or use:
      2. Showing the wearing effects of overwork, worry, or suffering:
      1. Tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness; boring.
      2. Moving or progressing very slowly.
      1. Having lost freshness, effervescence, or palatability:
      2. Lacking originality or spontaneity:
      3. Ineffective or uninspired, usually from being out of practice or from having done the same thing for too long.