Sentence Examples

  • The highest grossing picture musical of its time was both a heartwarming and corny tale of two Army men who set off as a singing duo and ended up befriending two female singers along the way.
  • Vibrantly colored icing, corny figurines, airbrushed photos, icing messages, and tinted interiors are fun options, and the entire table can be decorated to accentuate the theme of the cake.
  • Weezer's Rivers Cuomo was worried the song was too corny; Ric Ocasek of The Cars, who was producing Weezer's debut power pop masterpiece album, convinced him otherwise.
  • While it might mean that gifts and activities are a little corny, they will mean more to your husband and to your children if they are truly their ideas.
  • You may consider corny pick up lines because you think that they will break the ice between you and this new interest and make conversation much easier.