Sentence Examples

  • They will make your party come alive with excitement while still maintaining a professional demeanor and not relying on cheesy antics and props.
  • While the high-contrast (white text on black background) may at first make this site seem a bit cheesy, the site quickly overtakes its appearance with the sheer wealth of quality content available on the page.
  • They make a virtue of the nature of B-movie qualities, with cheesy special effects, less-than-stellar actors, trite plot lines, and a list of titles that is amazing in its range of science fiction stereotypes.
  • Sweet Nothings - Valentine's Day can be great time of intimate connection for you and your lover - or it can be, as intended, a "hallmark holiday," a time for cheesy hearts and candies and more.
  • Whether they're watching a Saved By The Bell marathon to mock the early 90's fashions and cheesy acting or the latest episode of The Simpsons, viewings can become events if not outright parties.