Sentence Examples

  • So before your mother cries at the mere mention of your wedding day plans, share your ideas with her, and you may find her not only wanting to go with you to browse through punk dresses, but attempting to find a punk mom dress for herself.
  • Though Daft Punk rode the late 1990s house music craze to the peak of their career, interest in the group still remains high, both among fans and among fellow musicians, who frequently seek out the group for production and remixing help.
  • Most people assume that punk hair styles have a single look, but in fact hair that can be classified as punk can be styled in a number of ways, and it may be long, short, layered, teased, or otherwise coiffed differently from day to day.
  • Both of these groups play with the music rather then the lyrics, with the Lounge Machine singing explicit lyrics from rap and metal songs to lounge music and the Gimme Gimmes doing punk and hard rock versions of softer songs.
  • The trend in gothic trench coats that began with punk music continues to thrive, thanks not only to the goth scene but also the current prevalence of vampires in popular culture - and those vampires tend to dress really well.