Sentence Examples

  • Some shampoos are self-rinsing, which means they require no water rinse and will dry without feeling tacky, and there are even dry shampoos in powder form that can provide a quick refresher between full baths.
  • It's very important that you make sure the animated image you're using as a background image isn't terribly distracting or tacky, no matter where on your web page you decide to place it or how large it is.
  • When you see someone walking down the street wearing pink flamingo sunglasses, they are making a fashion statement that screams, "These may be outrageously tacky - but I still look absolutely fabulous!"
  • While some people appreciate the convenience of knowing if the bride has registered for gifts at a specific store, others find including registry information on the invitation to be quite tacky.
  • Generally, including information about engagement gifts or registries may be considered tacky but it is up to the preferences of the families and their customs whether to include this or not.