Sentence Examples

  • Equality mainstreaming occurs when these ideas, attitudes or activities routinely incorporate an equality perspective and become a normal feature of mainstream thinking.
  • Despite all the positive press than the Apple iPhone has received in mainstream media, there is a growing contingent in the blogosphere who are pointing out problems that they have had with the iPhone or features that they feel are lacking.
  • American Fidelity frequently markets directly to employers and has been encouraging automatic insurance premium deductions from paychecks long before other insurance companies consider this a mainstream way to obtain insurance premiums.
  • The last thing your generosity deserves is to be scammed by an illegitimate organization, so if the charity of your choosing is not mainstream or well known, take the extra steps necessary to make sure they are who they claim to be.
  • Biscotti is definitely not a mainstream label, so in order to purchase this apparel in-store, you will have to explore the realm of girls' boutique fashion or hunt down one of the more upscale department stores that carry this line.