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Another word for old

  1. Existing or remaining in the same state for an indefinitely long time

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  2. Far along in life or time

      1. Of or being the older of two, especially the older of two persons having the same name, as father and son.
      2. Of or relating to senior citizens.
      3. Being in a position, rank, or grade above others of the same set or class:
      1. Being past middle age and approaching old age; rather old.
      2. Of, relating to, or characteristic of older persons or life in later years.
      3. An elderly person.
      1. Being of advanced age; old.
      2. Characteristic of old age.
      3. Having reached the age of:
      1. Highly developed or complex.
      2. Being at a higher level than others:
      3. Ahead of the times; progressive:
  3. Belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

  4. Having been such previously

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  5. Of a style or method formerly in vogue

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  6. Skilled or knowledgeable through long practice

Another word for old

  1. No longer vigorous

  2. Worn

  3. Ancient