Sentence Examples

  • Optimistically-minded entrepreneurs see Outsourcing as a means to turn around dying businesses they purchase from more traditional business owners whose outdated management views won't allow them to compete.
  • Never underestimate the negative impact of a cluttered or outdated front page when visitors tend to make split-second decisions about whether the stay or Google again to find what they're looking for.
  • Many women who keep up with fashion trends may be willing to sell their outdated styles at low prices, and timeless styles can often be found at estate sales, pawn shops, or through online auctions.
  • The old adage that expecting mothers are eating for two is somewhat outdated; yes, pregnant women are feeding their babies as well as themselves, but a fetus doesn't have the same nutritional requirements as a full-grown adult.
  • Most are simply search-engine-optimized pages designed to funnel searchers to ad-heavy sites with a few links to outdated but admittedly free games that may or may not work on the latest version of the Palm operating system.