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Another word for antiquated

  1. Of a style or method formerly in vogue

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  2. Belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

      1. Commanding respect by virtue of age, dignity, character, or position.
      2. Worthy of reverence, especially by religious or historical association:
      3. Used as a title for a person who has reached the first stage of canonization.
      1. Showing the effects of long use or wear:
      2. Used too often; trite:
      1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a time in the past.
      1. Of, relating to, or belonging to time long past; old or ancient:
      1. Having lived or existed for a relatively long time; far advanced in years or life.
      2. Relatively advanced in age:
      3. Made long ago; in existence for many years:
      1. Gray or white with or as if with age.
      2. Covered with grayish hair or pubescence:
      3. So old as to inspire veneration; ancient.
      1. Relating to, being, or characteristic of a much earlier, often more primitive period, especially one that develops into a classical stage of civilization:
      2. No longer current or applicable; antiquated:
      3. Relating to, being, or characteristic of words and language that were once in regular use but are now relatively rare and suggestive of an earlier style or period.
      1. Belonging to, made in, or typical of an earlier period:
      2. Of or belonging to ancient times, especially of, from, or characteristic of ancient Greece or Rome.
      3. Relating to or dealing in antiques.
      1. Occurring or belonging to the era before the Flood.
      2. Extremely old or old-fashioned.
      1. Of, relating to, or belonging to times long past, especially before the fall of the Western Roman Empire ( ad 476):
      2. Of great age; very old:
      3. Having the qualities associated with age, wisdom, or long use; venerable:

Another word for antiquated