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Another word for aged

  1. Far along in life or time

      1. Of or relating to the fourth and last year of high school or college:
      2. Of or being the older of two, especially the older of two persons having the same name, as father and son.
      3. Of or for senior citizens
      1. Made long ago; in existence for many years:
      2. Belonging to or being of an earlier time:
      3. Having or exhibiting the physical characteristics of age:
      1. Not current; outmoded
      2. Old; having lived for relatively many years
      3. Quite old; already in old age; aged
      1. Being at a higher level than others:
      2. Ahead of the times; progressive:
      3. Far along in course or time:
  2. Brought to full flavor and richness by aging

      1. Thoroughly matured, as by study or experience; seasoned:
      2. Sensuous and full:
      3. Fully developed; mature:
      1. Flavorful and mild or smooth, as from being properly matured:
      2. Soft, sweet, and juicy because ripe
      3. Soft, sweet, juicy, and full-flavored because of ripeness:
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Another word for aged