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Another word for ripe

  1. Having reached full growth and development

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  2. Brought to full flavor and richness by aging

      1. Brought to a desired ripeness or maturity:
      2. Having reached the age of:
      3. Being of advanced age; old.
      1. (Informal) Genial or convivial, often, specif., from ingesting alcohol or marijuana
      2. Gentle and understanding, especially from being mature or experienced:
      3. Softened and made gentle, understanding, and sympathetic by age and experience
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Another word for ripe

  1. Improved by time and experience

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Synonym Study

  • Adult is applied to a person who has reached complete physical or mental maturity, or legal majority, and to ideas, behavior, etc. that show mature thinking
  • Mellow suggests the qualities typical of ripe fruit, such as softness, sweetness, etc. and therefore stresses the absence of sharpness, harshness, etc. a mellow flavor, a mellow mood
  • Mature implies full growth or development, as of living organisms or the mind a mature tree, mature judgment
  • Ripe , in its basic application, implies readiness to be harvested, eaten, used, etc. ripe apples, a ripe cheese and, in extended use, full readiness to do or undergo something ripe for change